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An fps made in 7 days for 7dfps 2014.

A horde of evil nutcrackers approach your position, and you have but one cannon to hold out.

This game allows you and up to 3 friends to man a gun position, with full representation of the workings of a smooth bore cannon.


Stop the nut crackers from overrunning your position and destroying your gun.

To load:

Choose an ammunition type. Both roundshot and cannister are available. Roundshot is simply an iron ball strapped to a bag of gunpowder. Cannister shot comes in a case with multiple smaller balls in a package. This has a lower range than grapeshot, but due to multiple projectiles, is extremely effective against formations.

With a load selected, load it into the gun. In the case of roundshot, pick up the cartridge, and carry it to the muzzle. Push it down the tube. For cannister shot, this process will have to be done for both the powder charge, and then the cannister proper. (Note: the physics of this process are rather janky - dont worry too much about the orientation, it should sort itself out, and wont prevent it from firing anyway - but do make sure the round gets to the back of the tube, othewise, counterintuitively when you put in the ramrod, the round will fall out of the barrel)

Now that your charge is loaded, it needs to be rammed home. Grab the stick which has a sponge at one side, and a ramrod at the other. insert the ramrod end into the barrel, and push it to the back.

The gun is now ready to be fired. Aim it laterally by dragging the handle at the rear, and then alter the elevation by rotating the handle towards the back of the barrel. You can look down the length of the barrel to check your aim point.

When you're happy with your aim, grab a fuse out of the little pouch sat near the sandbags. This tube is inserted into a vent at the top rear of the barrel. Once it's been inserted, you'll keep a hold of the string in your hand. To fire the gun, pull sharply on the string, and your gun should go off.

The tube is now filled with hot embers, and the debris from the powder bag. To remove the embers, grab either stick and insert the sponge end. To remove the debris, you'll need the worm - the strange twisted iron end.

With this done, the cannon is ready to be reloaded and fired again.


WSAD: move

Space: jump

Left mouse button: grab objects

Mouse wheel: move grabbed objects towards/away from yourself. Rotate the elevation handle on the cannon.

Shift/ctrl/shift+ctrl + mouse wheel: rotate grabbed object about it's 3 axes.

E: look down the cannon's barrel

Made by Bundesware: Harry Ridgeway, Stuart Heap, and Ralph Alexander


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